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Most people who see an alpaca for the first time, have this "Oh, my gosh, how cute!" experience. Just imagine how overwhelmed I was when I first saw a hall filled with 200 alpacas!

 The sensation you have when you eventually have eleven alpacas running around in your own fields is hard to describe.

 The first three months were quite hectic. The first birth was a great moment, but alas, there have been some sad moments as well. One Alpaca fell really ill and another one drowned.

 After these first three months, a period of more peace and quiet arrived and I could start enjoying my work. The next two births went smoothly and we started preparing for the shows, met with the vet, looked for a feed and hay supplier, arranged for the manure to be removed: in short, all those things a fledgling alpaca breeder has to deal with.