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First show 30 October 2011 Ranst (Belgium)

  • Tess 1st place in her category. 
  • Claire 4th place in her category. 


Assen (the Netherlands), 11 December 2011

  • Stevie 1st place in her category.
  • Tess 2nd place in her category.

Hapert (the Netherlands) 24 and 25 March 2012

  • Stevie 1st place in her category.
  • Jody 1st place in her category.
  • Alberto 2nd place in his category.

The second season.

Assen (the Netherlands), 4 December 2012

Off to a successful start. AH Jody's fleece was awarded the title of Grand Champion at the FleeceShow.

  • AH Stevie became the Reserve Champion.
  • AI Alberto 1st place in his category.
  • And little OI Farah also came first.


Unexpected great success in 2013

Totally unexpectedly, HMF Gerrit became the Grand Champion in Westerlee (the Netherlands) in 2013. Quite a success in only my second year as a breeder. A unique moment, since HMF Gerrit was the first animal bred on my farm and I named him after my dad. Surely it couldn’t get much better than this?

Well, it did!

HMF Gerrit also became the Grand Champion in Assen in 2013.
And AH Jody became the Grand Champion in the Fleece category.

Then came the true climax.

HMF Gerrit again became the Grand Champion in Hapert in 2014! That made HMF Gerrit champion three times in a row.


AH Stevie Reserve Champion Suri Female

HMF Durmiente Reserve Champion Suri Male 


HMF Durmiente GrandChampion Meppel 2016

HMF Epic Girl Reserve Champion Beige Hasselt 2016